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1oz Seal of Prophethood ﷺ

Sale price£48.00
  • Amanah® Silver - Made in the UAE
  • All UAE & International Shipping is Secured & Insured
  • Timeless design with the Seal of Prophethood ﷺ - a must have for any collection
  • Celebrate centuries of Islamic lineage & history
  • Struck in 31.103 grams of 999.9 fine silver to bullion standard
  • A foreground of blessed name Muhammad (ﷺ) in Arabic
  • A background of the Amanah® crest
  • 1 Troy oz | 31.103 grams | 999.9 Fine Silver | 32mm Diameter

Silver stands as one of the most enduring currencies in the world's history. From the inception of Islam to the present day, the value of the Islamic bimetallic currency has displayed remarkable stability in relation to basic consumable goods:

During the time of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, a chicken was priced at one dirham; astonishingly, even after 1,400 years, a chicken still costs approximately one dirham. This enduring stability translates to zero inflation over the span of 1,400 years.

In contrast, can we make a similar claim about the Pound Sterling, the U.S. dollar, or any other paper currency over the past 25 years?

Over the long term, the bimetallic currency has demonstrated its resilience, enduring attempts by governments to transform it into a symbolic currency by imposing nominal values different from its weight.

Silver, unlike paper currency, cannot be inflated by printing more of it, nor can it be devalued by government decree. It stands as an asset independent of anyone's promise to pay.

While the portability and anonymity of silver are significant attributes, its most crucial aspect lies in being an asset free from any liability.

Contrary to paper assets such as bonds, shares, or bank deposits, which rely on promises to repay borrowed money, silver does not carry such dependency. Its value is not subject to the fluctuating beliefs in the fulfillment of promises, as exemplified by the volatility of junk bonds and the Mexican peso.

Silver's independence from the financial system and its worth underpinned by 5,000 years of human experience sets it apart.

ALLOY 999.9 Fine Silver
WEIGHT 31.103 grams
DIAMETER 32.00mm
RADIUS 16.00mm
YEAR 2024
1oz Seal of Prophethood ﷺ
1oz Seal of Prophethood ﷺ Sale price£48.00