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Amanah FAQ

Where does Amanah ship gold and silver?

We ship to all countries apart from the following:

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Israel Occupation
  • Jordan
  • Pakistan

How does Amanah insure and secure shipping?

All Shipments are tracked with Tracking Reference door-to-door. All Amanah products are automatically insured with Secursus and DHL.

Does Amanah accept orders over 2000 GBP or 8000 AED?

Yes, however Amanah may suspend the order pending KYC - Know you customer verification to prevent fraud. The KYC team may ask you to confirm a recent billing statement, proof of address and your government issued ID. In some cases, we will require the bank statements that include the last 4 digits or reference code to a deposit we will send to your bank. We take fraud very seriously and we reserve the right to cancel any order and withhold the the shipment and without the release of any funds to any order as we wish.

Does Amanah take charge or control of border customs?

Custom duty, import tax and laws should be checked with your order country destination. Amanah is not responsible for custom charges nor border control. Amanah may use couriers such as DHL, FedEx or Emirates Post - we have no control nor input to the border control, nor can we offer any support in this matter.

Do you accept PayPal? What are the payment methods?

We will never accept PayPal nor Cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Amanah only accept Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Shopify Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay. We actively recommend our customers not to use PayPal if they care about their money.

I placed an order but I did not get a certificate for my gold or silver?

When placing an order you can add the option to have a laminated certificate with your gold or silver. All coins and bullion receive a secure hologram QR code regardless. Simply scan the code and you can then download a digital copy of your certificate.

Where is my order?

After you have placed your order our fulfillment centre will work with one of our workshops to craft your gold or silver if we do not the stock ready. If there is stock ready, we will ship your order within 2-3 working business days. In best cases, if stock is not available, workshop orders take 2 weeks to fulfil.

Why is the Price of Gold and Silver Coins and Bars Higher than the Spot Price?

Investing in Precious Metals: What is Premium Over Spot?

At Amanah. we take pride in our premium quality design, brand, and products. Our bullion bars are manufactured by refiners approved by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), they are pressed using custom machines, with meticulous detailing and dies incurring additional charges. Our products undergo rigorous testing by humans and machines and are certified on the IMC blockchain, for adherence to Islamic Shariah compliance and industry standards by the Islamic Monetary Council - IMC.

What is the striking process of Amanah when creating mints and bars?

Amanah uses a 50T hydraulic press machine to produce the mints; With 3 strikes in total, one at the top side of our mint, one at the bottom side of our mint, and one on the edge of our mint, both the shiny/matte finishes are achieved during this striking process. The same process is applied to our bullion bars. Minted coins and bars also go through a luxury buffering and polish finish which we do complimentary. Casted bars and coins are struck once.

What is the polish or finish applied to the gold and silver?

All coins and bars go through a Amanahs luxury polish and buffing process. This makes them appear "brilliant" in finish. We do not recommend customers to touch the gold or silver with without jewellers gloves as fingertips can stain the work. You can purchase gloves from us at checkout.

What is the purity of the coins and bars?

All coins and bars at Amanah are 999.9 Fine as standard. This is for both silver and gold - all products are 24K pure.