Au Gold : £1,844.37oz
Ag Silver : £24.23oz
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Amanah Price Promise

Amanah Gold will price match ANY Western Branded gold or silver sourced by our customers. If you can prove that you can source your gold or silver cheaper, we will match the price or beat it.

We are focussed on ensuring our customers make the best investment and the most fair investment. We source our gold ethically and via shariah compliant suppliers direct from the source of gold mines.

We do not support any brand that promotes the LGBTQ agenda nor the narrative of the Apartheid. We do not ship to Israel.

Reputable Retailers Included

To demonstrate its dedication to transparency and fair pricing, acknowledges reputable retail suppliers in the bullion market. Among these are:

  • BullionByPost (UK)
  • The Royal Mint Bullion (UK)
  • (USA)
  • JM Bullion (USA)
  • Silver Gold Bull (Canada)
  • Kitco (Canada)
  • Gold Avenue (Europe)
  • Degussa Goldhandel (Europe)
  • Philoro Edelmetalle GmbH (Europe)

These trusted names are known for their extensive range of bullion products and exceptional customer service. By offering to beat the prices of established retailers like BullionByPost and GoldSilver(dot com) reaffirms its commitment to providing customers with the best possible deals.

By buying from Amanah you are empowering our commitment to ethical sourcing and supporting a business that has the same values and ideals as yourself.

Simply reach out to us and we will revert back 2 hours Mon-Friday between UAE times 9pm - 5pm and within 24 hours on weekends